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    Direct Dyes

  • Used for dyeing cellulose and its blends when good fastness properties are required
    Reactive Dyes

  • Used for dyeing cellulose and its blends when extremely high humidity fastness is required.
    Vat Dyes

  • Use for dyeing cellulose and its blends when high light and humidity fastness is required.
    Disperse Dyes

  • Used for dyeing polyester, acetate fibres and their blends.
    Ácid Dyes

  • Used for dyeing polyamide, wool and their blends.
    Premetallized Dyes

  • 1:1 and 1:2 metallic dyes used for dyeing wool, polyamide and their blends when high fastness properties are required
    Chrome Dyes

  • Used for dyeing wool when high fastness properties are required.
    Cationic Dyes

  • Used for dyeing acrylic fibres and their blends.
    Pigment Dyes

  • Used for the textile printing and coating.

I + D

Research and innovation, we are strategically focused on the development of textile auxiliaries for fibers and fabrics.
Our mission is to provide high value-added solutions to the technological challenges

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Centerquimica SAC es la base operativa del Grupo Color Center en el zona de Suramérica.

La compañia está formada por personal altamente calificado en el área de fabricación, logística y asesoramiento técnico/ Comercial.

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Latest news on research projects and news of Color Center SA

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